Industry Issues

Effective April 1, 2017, the Oregon Bottle Bill deposit and refund value will increase to 10¢ per container.

In preparation for this change, OLCC is making retailer signage available.The signs may be downloaded and printed to post in or near your beverage area to educate customers about the pending increase.

Follow this link (retailer signs) to the OLCC web page, where the retailer signs are available in several sizes.

Protect your OLCC Package Store License

Responsible Vendor Program* is FREE with ONSA annual dues of $100 per store. Comes complete with all forms, documentation, store signage and procedures to qualify for the OLCC Responsible Vendor Program (the program ONSA helped establish during the 1999 Oregon Legislature).

  • Simple step-by-step instructions
  • Complete set of RVP rules
  • Signs for your store
  • Training guidelines for your employees

*If you are in compliance with the RVP program and take the appropriate steps to stay in compliance, your Package Store License cannot be revoked based on “sting” failures from minor decoy operations.

Request your Responsible Vendor Program today. Call 503-316-9638 or email